Xbox Release Date Malaysia PS4 and Xbox 720 rumored specs comparison revealed (Photos)

A certain comparison was revealed on Jan. 11 concerning the rumored specs of the PS4 and Xbox 720. in keeping with the NeoGAF forum , the PS4, which has a nickname of Orbis, has a far more desirable clock besides as faster RAM. However, the Xbox 720, code-named the Durango, characteristics more CPU cores and more RAM. Overall, they seemed rather close on the subject of pressure if the rumored specs are correct. you can are attempting out some concept designs of both consoles in the slideshow on the prime of this textual content and the comparison below (courtesy of the NeoGAF forum ):
PS4 “Orbis”

AMD x86 3. 2GHz APU Solution (Jaguar/Steamroller), 4 cores (2 core pairs), [Higher Clock than X720/Durango]
Maybe AMD 8000 series GPU solution [Customised Solution Possibly making use of GPU + APU combo]
Launch Fall 2013/Early 2014

Explanation: PS4 has an improved clock, but less cores and is making use of an APU solution (CPU & GPU components combined onto a single chip). The PS4 has less RAM but is the use of faster GDDR ram, so the normal functionality must be a wash. Xbox 720 “Durango”

AMD x86 Jaguar 1. 6GHZ 8-Core [Targeting one core being dedicated for OS tasks]
AMD 8000 series GPU
ESRAM at the GPU (unknown amount)
8GB Ram DDR3, [1.
5GB of RAM likely reserved for the operating system]
Launch 2013

Explanation: 720 has a decrease clock, but more cores. 720 has more but SLOWER RAM. DDR3 RAM is often precise for such things as multitasking etc…. it really is expected to be in keeping with Windows 8 in addition. The PS4 is anticipated to come lower back out later this year or in early 2014 while the Xbox 720 is projected to launch in 2013 for the North American regions. Sony and Microsoft are both expected to make formal announcements with regard to their next-generation plans within the next couple of months. Found here
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