World Cup Brazil 2014 Ps4 PS4 console development prices ‘much lighter’ than PS3

The Playstation 4 is a powerhouse of a console with an eight-core semi-custom processor coupled with a magnificent GPU, 8 GB of DDR5 memory and DVR-like feature for operating system. Interestingly, it was revealed throughout a Sony first quarter earnings call Thursday that the subsequent-gen console was much less luxurious to expand than the present-gen Playstation 3. In the Q&A session of the earnings call, an unknown Sony executive explained the corporate didn’t make a “sizable investment” in semiconductor development or the chipset for the PS4 . For this reason, “when it comes to the load of investment, PS4 is a miles lighter platform compared to PS3.

Obviously, the huge difference in R&D costs is due largely to the PS4 using a more normal x86 chipset for the CPU while Sony partnered with Toshiba and IBM to develop the powerful but exotic Cell processor for the PS3. The corporate also closely invested in Blu-ray technology on the time which, partially, gave the Xbox 360 a year head start. This price savings need to hold over to the game developers as well as PS4 development environment is far towards the prevalent PC. From the patron standpoint though, right here is what allowed Sony to introduce the PS4 as a single-model with a $399.
99 price point versus dual models of the PS3 at $499. 99 and $599. 99. Sony wouldn’t share the precise costs of the PS4 but did note that its operating loss increased to fourteen. 8 billion yen inside the 2013 fiscal first quarter compared to 11. 2 billion yen within the same quarter from the former year as a result of introduction of the console. The PS4 is due out sometime in the course of the holiday 2013 season. persist with us on Facebook or Twitter for the newest news otherwise you are able to join our RSS feed or email alerts . Scott may be found as aspect to the Furious Fourcast podcast and videocast wherein a crew of freelancers speak games, movies and other diverse geekery. Via: looking Alpha

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