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Sony’s Andrew House, stated the compamny thought about shoppers first when designing the PS4. Photograph: Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert

E3 continually has winners and losers. This year, Sony had some of the spectacularly successful shows in its history, on the expense of its greatest rival within the videogames market, Microsoft . you could argue that confusion over Xbox One ‘s used video games policy brought about the machine’s PR defeat, but Sony brilliantly appealed to angry gamers in its conference, assuring global audiences that PS4 would feature no invasive DRM measures. So who better to method for Sony’s perspective than Andrew House, president and CEO of Sony Computer leisure (and thereby with out equal boss of the PlayStation business) We caught up with the genial, articulate Welshman an afternoon and a half after that triumphant E3 press event, and he was understandably buoyant: “We’ve been very happy with the reaction.
It has been an overly certain show for us. ”
At Sony’s E3 press conference at the evening of 10 June, all the speculation surrounded whether the Japanese corporation would follow Microsoft’s unpopular lead and element some variety of online registration or digital rights management geared towards killing off the second one-hand games market – the presumption being that Microsoft wouldn’t have gone out on this kind of limb when not having roped in Sony to follow suit. But Sony announced, to much surprise, and the gratification of hardcore gamers, that the PS4′s used games policy might be the exact same as that of the PS3.
House explains why Sony decided to depart properly alone: “There’s a horny backstory on that.
i assume, dating from about our February event, there were questions on what our online policy will be.
And i’ve to declare that we were slightly perplexed, because we had no intention of fixing from a model that i believe has served us particularly nicely for several platform life-cycles. After which, obviously, it was particularly the activities of others, and the reaction coming from consumers, which ended in more speculation. So we felt that with E3, and Monday night’s press conference, it was an amazing alternative to set the list straight. But there weren’t any changes that we would been considering. ”
Had the third-party publishers, who hate not getting a lower whilst games are sold on by folks that have played them, lobbied Sony to switch that model “Not that i’ve been aware about, no. And we didn’t believe any sense that we wanted to reply any external pressure. ”
Later on, House happily grappled with the thorny issue of second-hand games: “i believe there’s a totally cautious balance to strike. We’re a online game publisher ourselves, so there is a sure argument for us that there ought to be something of a model for content-creators to join in in second sales. In spite of this, however, the patron sees ownership as a totally key improvement when shopping a physical product. And the flipside of the argument is that shops will will let you know that nearly all of trade-in price gets instantly repurposed into new purchases of games, and people individuals in turn generate word of mouth and create more interest. ”
Clearly, Sony, on the very highest levels, has put more thought into the subject than Microsoft, whose executives contradicted one every other alarmingly in interviews conducted after the Xbox One was originally revealed.

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