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Timothy Lottes has offered a evaluation between the 4 GB of GDDR5 RAM getting used for the PS4 to the 8 GB of DDR3 RAM, together with another 32 MB of ESRAM, powering the Xbox 720 . As spotted within the comments component to his blog on Jan. 26, the creator of the FXAA believed that developers will decide on the RAM configuration of the PS4 over the setup of the Xbox 720. due to limitations of the 32 MB ESRAM, an analogous next-generation video games may be rendered at 30 frames per second with a 720p choice on Microsoft’s next-console as opposed to an analogous frames per second (although some may also achieve 60) at 1080p resolution for Sony’s upcoming system. you may actually have a look at some idea designs of the PS4 and Xbox 720 within the slideshow on the prime of this newsletter and the comments from Timothy Lottes underneath (courtesy of the Timothy Lottes Blog ):
A speedy GDDR5 can be the desired selection for developers. all the thrilling instances for excellent anti-aliasing require a big quantity of bandwidth and RAM. A tiny 32MB chunk of ESRAM can’t healthy that need even for ahead rendering at 1080p. i feel some developers may hit 1080p@60fps with the rumored Orbis specs in spite of good AA. My personal project is targeting 1080p@60fps with great AA on a 560ti that is a bit slower than the rumored Orbis specs.
There isn’t any way my engine would hit that concentrate on at the rumored 720 specs. Ultimately on Orbis i suppose devs target 1080p/30fps (with some motion blur) and leverage the lower latency OS stack and scan out at 60fps (double scan frames) to provide an exceptionally extensive lower-latency experience. Maybe a an identical title on 720 would render at 720p/30fps, and perhaps Microsoft is dedicating simply a few CPU hardware threads to the GPU driver stack to take away the latency problem (assuming this is a “Windows” OS under the covers). The PS4 and Xbox 720 will reportedly be launched sometime during late 2013. The rumored specs for the 2 next-generation structures from Sony and Microsoft are very identical other than the aforementioned RAM configurations. Found here
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