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Andrew Cunningham
While every person was busy cheering on Sony for permitting PlayStation 4 owners to promote and trade retail recreation discs variety of like they always have, many missed a excellent change to Sony’s pricing structure for online services. Apparently, online multiplayer gaming at the PS4 would require a $50 per year subscription to PlayStation Plus, matching a similar requirement for Xbox stay Gold to get online multiplayer on Microsoft’s systems. The “announcement” was buried on the bottom of an inventory of “features” of PlayStation Plus, which was listed on a single slide during Sony’s press conference (we snapped the above picture of it but didn’t take in the true affect in all of the craziness on the time). The list included “immersive multiplayer online on PS4″ as most likely the most advantages of a Plus subscription, along discounted games, cloud saves, an instant video game collection, and more. Sony appeared to confirm this information in a tweet from the official PlayStation account in the route of the conference, which pointedly stated that “PS4 gamers who aren’t Plus members can still enjoy single-player games free of charge,” implying that the corporate may be charging for online multiplayer. The presence of free multiplayer servers was one of many big differentiators that set the PS3′s online services additionally these of Microsoft’s Xbox Live.
Now it kind of feels Sony has given up that advantage in favor of bringing in additional cash to aid the bevy of persistent online gains in a lot of of the PS4′s games. you will not desire a Plus subscription to exploit PS4 media features like Netflix, though, whilst Microsoft still requires a reside subscription to exploit that service at the Xbox 360. Elsewhere on Twitter, Sony offered some great news to potential PlayStation 4 owners who will must buy games from around the ocean. in line with a right away question, Sony Third-Party Relations Manager Brad Douglas tweeted that “SCEI PR tells me ‘no region locking’ [for the PS4]. ”
Meanwhile, an official fact sheet distributed along today’s press conference confirms that additional Dualshock 4 controllers for the PlayStation 4 will run $59, €59, or £54, looking on region. The model new depth-sensing PlayStation Eye camera will run an analogous $59, €49 or £44. Sony also noted that the PlayStation 4 will recreation a traditional 500 GB hard drive—the same dimension as that inside the Xbox One—in addition to confirming many up to now revealed stats for the system. Found here
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