Tomb Raider Game 2014 Release Date PlayStation 4/ Orbis: Five Things The PS4 Needs To Be successful Next generation

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Jan 03, 2013 08:39 AM EST | By Juan G. Rodriguez
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    Tomb Raider 2014 game Release Date

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    “They are saying it truly is the final console, and i’m particularly a believer in that”, says Nvidia’s head of cloud gaming, Phil Eisler.
    in the course of the last five years, the console market has changed dramatically: digital downloads, DLC, firmware updates, tablets, mobiles, free-to-play, used games, piracy, sequels, spiralling improvement costs, the recession… practically all the pieces we all know in regards to the way we buy, play and enjoy videogames is changing, or already redundant. It’s in contrast uncertain backdrop that Sony will position its most high profile bet: PlayStation 4 . Only this year, the company posted a record lack of £3.6bn and – with PS Vita floundering only nine months into its life – the stakes are high. Ahead of its final issue, PSM3 has assembled each rumour, whisper, market style and leak with regards to Sony’s super console. Oh, and before you ask, it’s currently codenamed ‘Orbis’ – and yes, we checked. We’ve run everything through our global community of tech experts, analysts and industry insiders to bring you the foremost accurate image of PlayStation 4 anywhere on the planet. Its specifications are being finalised at the moment but, immediately, this is the most accurate picture of ‘the last console ever’ you can examine anywhere on the earth. Better yet, the way forward for gaming is nearer – and brighter – than you’d think…
    The ultimate difficulty of PSM3 is on sale now. you can buy the ultimate factor of PSM3 on-line or on iOS the following (UK) or right here (US). Words: PSM3 issue 160, November 2012. Read Xbox World’s Xbox 720 investigation. It’s unlikely to be known as PS4…
    Sony is unlikely to drop the PlayStation brand, however the ’4′ is in question. Why?
    1) It sounds tired – movie sequels are inclined to add a subtitle when they pass the trilogy mark. 2) The Japanese number ‘four’ is pronounced ‘shi’ that’s just like death. Many Japanese hospitals wouldn’t have these room numbers or floors. Nippon airlines has no seats labelled ’4′.

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    Tomb Raider Game 2014 Release Date PlayStation 4/ Orbis: Five Things The PS4 Needs To Be successful Next generation 8 out of 10 based on 73 ratings.