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Sony has invited journalists to a February press conference at the ‘future of PlayStation’, fuelling rumours of a release date for the PS4. Photograph: Daniel Law/PA

Sony dangled the strength for the upcoming announcement of its next-generation PlayStation 4 console on Friday, sending out invitations to journalists for a 20 February press conference on “the future of PlayStation”. The tantalising prospect ignited discussion on video games blogs and websites around the web, with gamers keen to determine an update to the ageing console. Michael Pachter, an analyst with Wedbuch Securities, said in a tweet that “Sony is inviting investors and media to the Feb 20 event; that means console announcement.
I’m genuinely excited”. The institution declined to mention whether it’ll genuinely release a new product at the adventure in New York. “We will be talking about the PlayStation business,” a spokesman told the Reuters news agency. Sony executives have said that the PS3 is now a worthwhile business after some years of losses – normal for a games console. Expectation that Sony will unveil the specifications, if now not the shape, of a PS4 console have been rising because it emerged that the organization has stopped making its iconic PlayStation 2 console, and with the release by Nintendo of its new Wii U console before Christmas and the predicted launch this year by Microsoft of a next-generation Xbox . Sony has up to now used meetings such as the New York one to teach off prototypes or detail specifications: in January 2011 it displayed a model of its handheld PS Vita console, and early in 2005 revealed a thought version of the PlayStation 3. Similarly, the PS2′s first public showing came at a 1999 meeting. but the Vita is seen as being in trouble, with gross sales slowing down and being outstripped by these of Nintendo’s handheld devices, and by other handheld devices such as Apple ‘s 0 iPod 0 Touch. The PS3 was released in Japan in November 2006, but not in European markets until 2007 – meaning it missed the important Christmas sales. That gave Nintendo a key opening, leaving the 1 Wii 1 successful and far ahead in sales. The PS3, which has sold about 70m consoles worldwide, has been seen as a disappointment compared to the wildly well known PS2. But the form of the games console market has also replaced dramatically since the PS3 was launched, with the upward thrust of 2 smartphones 2 and tablets meaning people can now play games extra cheaply and at the move. Nintendo said on Wednesday it was 3 cutting forecasts for sales of the Wii U 3

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