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We know that Sony will provide us a modern PlayStation Move once they unencumber the PS4, but what we don’t know is what differences the motion control sensor could have compared to its predecessor. However, we would have an concept now as a result of of a patent for what’s believed to be the two-gen PS Move controller, but it is the possibilities that could be had while playing a title like FIFA 14 that has us interested – well if the following console is published in time. Sony has installed a patent for a brand new PlayStation Move and you may discover from the picture above and also the source that the design looks much sharper than the provide model, and from what we are able to work out shall be way more comfy to carry to boot. The PS Move motion controller has not had the success that Sony would have hoped, but staring at the design they may be onto a winner this time. One would presume that Sony will make more of an effort with game developers in order that there’ll be a better number of games to provide help for his or her new Move system, but we do hope that the PS4 is released across the identical time as FIFA 14 because the image above presentations just how much a laugh you can have with the recent design – although you may need an outsized room to milk it. Update: Sony didn’t patent this new design and what has shocked us fundamentally the mostsome of essentially the most is the truth that this design turned into seen way beforehand the present adaptation which is in the stores today. Found here
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    In a brand new Pach-Attack episode that was posted on Jan. 19, Michael Pachter talked somewhat in regards to the charge tags for the PS4 and Xbox 720 games. The analyst at Wedbush Securities believed that next-generation games will still be priced at . However, he also predicts that the pricing structure with regard to downloadable contents may also be evolving. You’re able to look into some concept images of the PS4 and Xbox 720 consoles in the slideshow on the best of this newsletter and the comments from Michael Pachter below (courtesy of Pach-Attack on GameTrailers ):
    The answer i suspect could be games ought to be at $60.

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