Ps4 Release PlayStation 2 Axed … PS4 on the Way?

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Sony (NYSE: SNE ) has confirmed reports that it’s ceasing production of the PlayStation 2 game console. Rumors of the old console’s demise leaked formerly this week on a japanese language website, The Inquirer reports . but now the electronics considerable has confirmed that production is ending at the 12-year-old system. In an e-mail sent to journalists, a Sony spokesman said, “Due to PlayStation 2 now being over 12 years old, we now have decided to prevent future production of the console and think about our newer and more admired platforms, PS3, PS Move and PS Vita. We’re more than happy with what now we have achieved with PS2.

The PS2 was technically replaced six years ago by Sony’s PlayStation 3 console. But that failed to cease the older system from racking up higher than 150 million sets in revenue for the duration of its time for sale. The 12 years the PS2 was on the market is a rfile for game console longevity. With the closing of PS2 era, rumors has been swirling about whether Sony will announce the approaching PlayStation 4 . The firm is inviting industry journalists to an event called “Destination PlayStation” in late February wherein it’s expected to make the announcement about its next console. whatever Sony does with its new console, it’s going to should compete with the Nintendo’s (PINK: NTDOY ) already published Wii U and Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT ) upcoming Xbox 720. More stories about videogames:

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    Sony has invited journalists to a February press conference at the ‘future of PlayStation’, fuelling rumours of a release date for the PS4. Photograph: Daniel Law/PA

    Sony dangled the potential for the upcoming announcement of its next-generation PlayStation 4 console on Friday, sending out invitations to journalists for a 20 February press conference on “the future of PlayStation”. The tantalising prospect ignited discussion on games blogs and sites round the web, with avid gamers keen to see an update to the growing older console. Michael Pachter, an analyst with Wedbuch Securities, stated in a tweet that “Sony is inviting investors and media to the Feb 20 event; that means console announcement. I’m definitely excited”. The agency declined to say whether it will actually release a brand new product at the event in New York. “We might be talking about the PlayStation business,” a spokesman advised the Reuters news agency. Sony executives have said that the PS3 is now a profitable business after some years of losses – common for a games console. Expectation that Sony will unveil the specifications, if not the shape, of a PS4 console have been developing since it emerged that the institution has stopped making its iconic PlayStation 2 console, and with the release by Nintendo of its new Wii U console formerly Christmas and the expected launch this year by Microsoft of a next-generation Xbox .

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