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Sony is yet to make sure the existence of the PS4 games console, but it certainly exists on the market somewhere. And with Christmas 2012 upon us, we’re all hoping we’ll have PlayStation 4 consoles beneath our trees this time next year.
So the important questions are; whilst will the PS4 hit the shelves What variety of hardware will it pack And should it also be referred to as the PlayStation 4

There have been rumours doing the rounds suggesting that Sony is asking the PS4 ‘Orbis’ . This comes from a source chatting with Kotaku “who’s not authorised to speak publicly about next-gen hardware but has shared correct information” with them before.
Assuming the Orbis title is come what might accurate, it’s still uncertain whether the name is a codename like Durango or whether the console will literally be called the Sony PlayStation Orbis as opposed to the Sony PS4. The name does make some variety of sense in the event you combine it with the notice ‘Vitae’ (or Vita). Orbis Vitae translates from Latin as ‘circle of life’ and hints at some severe synergy among the PS4 and the PS Vita . It can be a red herring, in fact, but with the Vita already communicating pretty competently with the PS3 , it form of feels quite likely that this could be the case. So what will we expect from the PlayStation 4
PS4 release date
Latest rumours imply that the PS4 will launch in time for Christmas 2013, though Sony are remaining quiet at the issue. We’ve received strong hints from industry insiders that 2013 would be the year but not anything is showed and whatever might yet happen. One thing’s needless to say: Sony is currently losing billions in step with annum and badly wants the money injection that might come from a brand new console. VG247 is quoting an anonymous source (always a nasty begin to a rumour) as saying that Sony believes it really is able of get the PS4 out of the door before the launch of Microsoft’s Xbox 720. The next Xbox is nearly bound to hit the shelves in 2013 so maybe we predict them to reach roughly together. We remember, obviously, how Microsoft managed to launch the 360 an entire year before the PS3 went on sale and that enabled it to in attaining an immense headstart, despite every variety of technical faults and costly fix bills. Meanwhile, Bethesda’s Todd Howard, game director for the blockbuster Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, says that gamers mustn’t expect follow-ups to the PS3 and Xbox 360 until 2014, on the very earliest.

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