Ps4 Recall PS4 ‘Will Be More Powerful Than New Xbox’

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Website claims new Sony console may well be 50 percent more powerful than rival…
12:09, Friday, 18 January 2013
The PlayStation 4 can be 50 percent more powerful than the next Xbox , a report has claimed. The claims come from VG247, which, after chatting with developers on the recent CES conference, suggested that Sony’s updated console shall be “significantly more powerful” than its Microsoft rival. according to the gaming industry website, the PS4 will boast a 1.
84 teraflops run capability, when in contrast with the 1. 23 of the recent Xbox. but the following generation Xbox – reportedly codenamed Durango – may well have advantages of its own.
VG247 claims the Microsoft console may well have 8GB of RAM, with 3GB devoted to the working system, apps and security. The PS4, however, contains 4GB of RAM, with 1GB used for the operating system. Both consoles are expected to support Blu-ray discs, with a maximum capacity of 100GB. We told you earlier this week how both consoles are expected to launch within the spring.
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    Sony has invited journalists to a February press conference at the ‘future of PlayStation’, fuelling rumours of a release date for the PS4. Photograph: Daniel Law/PA

    Sony dangled the potential for the upcoming announcement of its next-generation PlayStation 4 console on Friday, sending out invites to journalists for a 20 February press conference on “the future of PlayStation”. The tantalising prospect ignited discussion on games blogs and websites around the web, with gamers keen to see an update to the ageing console. Michael Pachter, an analyst with Wedbuch Securities, said in a tweet that “Sony is inviting investors and media to the Feb 20 event; that implies console announcement. I’m genuinely excited”. the company declined to say whether it’ll definitely release a new product at the event in New York. “We would be talking about the PlayStation business,” a spokesman told the Reuters news agency. Sony executives have said that the PS3 is now a worthwhile commercial enterprise after some years of losses – typical for a games console. Expectation that Sony will unveil the specifications, if not the shape, of a PS4 console have been growing since it emerged that the visitors has stopped making its iconic PlayStation 2 console, and with the release by Nintendo of its new Wii U console before Christmas and the anticipated launch this year by Microsoft of a next-generation Xbox .

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