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PS4, Xbox 720 Rumors: Job establishing Suggests slumbering Dogs 2 possibly Coming to Next-Gen Consoles
By Mark Deering | 02/03/2013
United Front Games, creator of the Sleeping Dogs IP, could possibly be releasing the sequel to the enjoyable title for the following generation of online game consoles, namely the unannounced Microsoft Xbox 720 and Sony PlayStation 4. The NeoGAF gaming discussion board discovered a task opening on Tuesday, posted by United Front Games, in search of a network/multiplayer programmer to work on a “next-gen console title. ” In line with the posting, the studio requires someone who “has solid C++ programming experience, understanding of network programming models, wonderful communication ability, and a zeal for developing world class on-line titles. ”
Additionally, the programmer chosen for the job would most otherwise be any individual that had previously worked on other console titles, mainly one who has “worked with multiplayer middleware packages” and understands the most conventional functions present in multiplayer games.
This means that Sleeping Dogs 2, that would possibly not be out that soon due to the fashioned Sleeping Dogs launching on August 14 of last year, might include multiplayer functionality. Will most likely be enjoyable to peer what path United Front and publisher Square Enix take with a multiplayer edition of a bigger Sleeping Dogs title. Sleeping Dogs had its beginnings as True Crime: Hong Kong, and is an open world sport centered at the world of prepared crime and regulation enforcement, now not unlike titles such as the Grand Theft Auto series of Rockstar Games. The different title is out there on several platforms, namely Microsoft home windows (PC), PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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