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Square Enix has re-posted several jobs on Jan. 25 concerning the development in their Luminous next-generation engine, which may be used for PS4 and Xbox 720 games. Consistent with a posting update from the jobs portion of Gamasutra , the corporate remains seeking four unique programmers (3D Graphics, AI, Animation as well as Server/Database) to hitch their Tokyo-based studio. Which you can attempt out the capabilities of the Luminous engine from the “Final Fantasy” tech demo, further to a few concept designs of the PS4 and Xbox 720, in the slideshow on the major of this text.
Square Enix first revealed the Luminous online game engine on the E3 2012 event. The aforementioned tech demo showed off highly-detailed graphics running in real-time.
The studio is anticipated to utilize their internally-developed engine at the next-generation projects, that will most like include games for the PS4 and Xbox 720. either upcoming consoles are projected to be popping out by the tip of 2013. Sony and Microsoft are anticipated to formally announce their next-generation systems within the next couple of months. Found here
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    Ps4 Black Friday deals PlayStation 4/ Orbis: Five Things The PS4 must be a success Next generation

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    PS4, or the Orbis as some call it, is Sony’s threat to enter the next-gen with a potent start, but which rumours ought to you believe?
    Published on Nov 29, 2012

    PS4 could be Sony’s chance to blow away the mistakes of the past and start the next-gen with a clean slate. With so many rumours flying around about next-gen consoles and what Sony and Microsoft are working on, it can be tough to know where to turn. enable NowGamer to round up the most important rumours for you. here is what the rumours are announcing about Sony’s PS4…
    PS4 Will comprise AMD Graphics
    Rumour: The PS4 tech specs have long been speculated, but while ex-AMD employeed beleives they know exactly what Sony is using. (Source: Forbes )
    There have been a ton of rumours all speculating on the inner hardware of the next generation of consoles, but when an ex-AMD employee wades into the argument, everyone tends to listen a little bit more intently. according to a report in Forbes, Sony is establishing the PlayStation 4 and the next-gen console will feature graphics technology from AMD. Sony has long-been rumoured to be working on the successor to the PS3, which integrates Nvidia graphics architecture. Former AMD employees made the declare in accordance to the report, although both AMD and Sony’s Chief Transformation Officer George Bailey have declined to comment on the claim. PS4 Will Launch October Or November 2013
    Rumour: The PS4 could be here as soon as October 2013, if we’re lucky. (Source: NowGamer )

    We know; we’ve heard this before.

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