Playstation 4 Restock Date

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We know that Sony will give us a brand new PlayStation Move once they release the PS4, but what we don’t know is what differences the motion control sensor could have when placed subsequent to its predecessor. However, we would have a concept now via a patent for what’s believed to be the two-gen PS Move controller, but it’s the probabilities that might be had while playing a title like FIFA 14 that has us – well if the following console is launched in time. Sony has installed a patent for a brand new PlayStation Move and you’ll notice from the photo above and likewise the source that the design looks much sharper than the present model, and from what we might be capable to see will be a lot more comfy to hang besides. The PS Move motion controller has not had the success that Sony would have hoped, but the design they are able to be onto a winner this time. One would presume that Sony will make more of an effort with game developers in order that there’ll be a closer variety of games to offer help for his or her new Move system, but we do hope that the PS4 is released across the similar time as FIFA 14 since the image above reveals just how much fun you may have with the new design – although you’ll favor a huge room to exploit it.
Update: Sony didn’t patent this new design and what has stunned us one of the most is the reality that this design was thought-about way before the present version which is attainable to buy today. Found here
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    Ps4 Restock Date DualShock 3 can not work on PlayStation 4

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    It seems like we’ll have another stonking games hardware battle coming soon, with Sony’s PS4 expected to reach as early as spring of 2014 – approximately a months after Microsoft’s next console appears on the end of 2013.

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