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Skyrim DLC release date details for PS3 made official
posted February 2, 2013 / No Comments
The release date details for Skyrim DLC at the PS3 became announced by Bethesda, with February 12 being the accurate day on which the 1st piece of content can be seen hitting PSN. The developer has announced by way of its official blog that both one of the game’s add-ons similarly to its new 1. 8 identify update that’s had to run them have cleared certification with SCEA. therefore the North American area might be getting them at the dates we’ve mentioned within the space below. As far since the question of the Skyrim DLC’s for PS3 in Europe goes, the developer has mentioned that it’s operating with Sony’s branch within the continent to finalize certification inside the territory. February 12 may be the date on which Dragonborn can be seen hitting the PS Store, whereas Hearthfire would be arriving at the service come February 19.
Lastly, the title’s first ever add-on, dubbed Dawnguard, would be coming out on February 26. during the first weeks in their respective launches, they’re going to all be slapped with 50 percent discounts. despite the fact that all of
the recreation ’s DLC packs was landing at the Xbox 360 and PC regularly, the PS3 have been avoided them proper from the start. Concerning the matter, Bethesda had mentioned previous that it’s the technical points of Sony’s console which have been preventing the content from running on it properly. This issue was solved it kind of feels, as all of the packs have finally been listed for the PS3. [embedded content]
Dragonborn is the most recent add-on lots of the three, and might be the primary one to hit the platform. Set in Solstheim, it offers avid gamers the energy to ride dragons. Hearthfire is a comparatively small piece of content which allows avid gamers to buy a plot of land and build structures on it by way of uncooked materials. After which, there’s the Dawnguard DLC which allows players to either be a part of forces with Vampires or fight them. All this Skyrim DLC will be popping out for the PS3 by way of the PS save at the dates we’ve mentioned above. Gamers can examine that they’ll all be affixed with 50 percent reductions in the course of the first weeks in their arrivals.
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