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All evidence pointing to past due November launch for Sony’s PS4 within the UK as new Watch_Dogs trailer hits

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    Ps4 Kmart

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    14 ratings.  . Last night, Sony held its press conference for the consumer Electronics present (CES), where they showed 4K TVs, cameras and all that kind.  

    While the development itself was live-streamed at the Official PlayStation weblog , there wasn’t any gaming-related event shown inside the presser hosted by Sony CEO Kaz Hirai. Admittedly, I wasn’t expecting much, it has been ages since CES was regarded a gaming event.
    But in years past — like 15 years ago — CES was the E3 back when E3 was still a small show. For this year’s event, Sony held a temporary post-conference Q&A and inevitably, Kaz was asked concerning the PS4. Now don’t be expecting much, but at least Hirai gave a touch upon it rather than sidestepping as usual.

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