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New consoles from Microsoft and Sony are going to be released, probably this year. At this point, it’s just a matter of when they’ll finally hit store shelves. Yesterday, Sony cryptically introduced that they’ve plans to disclose something at a press conference in big apple on February 20th, 2013. Almost all folks think that this something it can be the PlayStation 4. simply by the method of elimination, this theory is smart. What else should they possibly be revealing A redesigned PlayStation Vita a brand new PlayStation Move precise games for the Vita Not likely. This announcement came out of nowhere, though, especially when Sony’s global leader executive explicitly said a number of weeks in the past that the corporate has no plans to prove their successor to the PlayStation 3, not less than not until Microsoft shows off their new Xbox. “Why go first when your competitors can analyze your specifications and are available up with whatever better” said Kaz Hiai, Sony’s global chief executive, in an interview within the Times . [embedded content]
Still, nevertheless all signs point to the undeniable fact that this press conference will in all likelihood be the announcement of Sony’s PlayStation 4, it still appears a touch strange. Traditionally, new consoles are revealed on the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in La in June. it is how the advance went down when the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 were announced all these years ago. Sony will possibly show off a quick glimpse in their new console and possibly highlight a sizzle precise of spectacular online game trailers, but odds are strong that entire details on the PS4′s features and functions could be saved for E3. They need excitement to construct surround their new console leading as much as E3 (that way customers will ignore Microsoft for some time). perhaps Sony is asking to bypass the circus it basically is E3 and make positive that one and all the media interest is purely concentrated on their new console. But today, if you want to add further fuel the already rampant speculation, Edge  released a group of believable PS4 rumours . But they’re all credited to an “inside source.” It’s difficult to take them too seriously, given how recently we were reminded how easy it’s to fabricate a next-generation console rumour . Here’s what we (maybe) know:
The PS4 will characteristic a redesigned DualShock with a touchpad
This rumour is sensible, especially if we take the PlayStation Move for instance. While it doesn’t sound adore it may have a Wii U stage touch screen, it is sensible for Sony to incorporate a feature like this contained in the PS4′s controller. It offers developers a singular feature to work with and, in many ways, allows Sony to promote the PS4 as having similar functions to the Wii U. The similar could be said concerning the Xbox 720 because it can probably have a feature that’s similar to the Xbox 360′s cool-but-useless  SmartGlass dual screen system . Also, recollect the PlayStation Move The motion-controlled Sony machine that ordinarilly looked exactly like Nintendo’s Wiimote and Nunchuck Both Sony and Microsoft have already got a history of copying what Nintendo has evolved one way or the other. So, odds are history may repeat itself. a brand new special share button
A share button makes complete sense. a short have a appearance at the gaming SubReddit reveals that game enthusiasts like to share their accomplishments. Also, functions like Raptr bring this idea to light to boot. So why not let folks share content material in a short and fundamental way from their actual game console
Nintendo’s Miiverse does this perfectly, letting users share screen shots, shots and messages in Nintendo’s special social network. So, again, Sony may properly be coming up their very own kind of social network of some sort. I imagine that Sony will probably enable users to share content on Twitter and Facebook, in addition, though. When will the launch be
It is judicious that the PlayStation 4 will launch this holiday season but some reports are arguing that Sony is planning for an early 2014 release. There also are rumours circulating that Sony is constructing a brand new PlayStation Eye peripheral of a few sort. The brand new PlayStation Eye is anticipated to still be compatible with the present PlayStation Move.

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