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    Telecharger Fifa 2014 Gratuit

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    I’ve written previously that the Xbox One has an early edge over the PS4 on the theme of games. This doesn’t mean Microsoft has more games than Sony, or maybe necessarily better games. Rather, Microsoft’s early game lineup has more power blockbusters and system-sellers, regardless of whether that’s launch titles like Forza Motorsport 5 and Dead Rising 3 or the promising new shooter Titanfall releasing within the first 1/2 2014. Sony has some very top-notch looking games coming out also, consisting of the beautiful Killzone: Shadow Fall and perhaps the most important promising game of either system’s launch, Mark Cerny’s Knack. But Sony also has a relatively terrific emphasis on indie games, and I’ve noted that they’re going to most probably maintain that edge even with Microsoft’s recent policy changes concerning self-publishing. those aren’t going to be the most considerable sellers or drivers of hardware sales, but for thus-called “core” players they upload increased than simply flavor. “The indie movement is so exciting to me,” Sony around the globe Studio’s President Shuhei Yoshida noted recently in an interview at the PlayStation Blog .  ”It in point of fact reminds me of once we were engaged on the distinctive PlayStation. Back then, PlayStation truly expanded the audience for gaming and brought in numerous new developers. plenty of unique, fascinating games came out of nowhere [. ] I really feel a matching relatively vibe and fervour from those indie buyers. I’m so excited this time. ”
    This echoes the feelings of PS4 designer Mark Cerny, who sees the PS4 as a return to the openness and range of the original PlayStation era. Here are 5 indies coming to the PS4 so that you could keep watch over. [Note: There are authentic exclusives and console exclusives acknowledged here. True exclusives come to at least one system and one system only. Console exclusives come to simply one console but may also in addition launch on PC. Many exclusives also are timed, launching on a system exclusively after which launching afterward other systems. ]
    1. Rime (Tequila Works)

    Rime looks totally stunning. It’s almost the ideal mixture of Ni No Kuni and Journey, with a beautiful painted appear that’s part cell-shaded and part water-color. the game is a mysterious looking platformer, an adventure on a solitudinous island or coastline. Here’s the trailer:
    [embedded content]
    Developed by Madrid-based Tequila Works, the developer behind Deadlight, Rime has no set launch date yet but it’s already turn out to be my most highly anticipated little game of the next generation.

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