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Sony‘s CEO, Kazuo Hirai, stated he would let Microsoft “make the 1st move” when it came to releasing a next-generation game console, in response to IGN’s Daniel Krupa. But now the official PlayStation blog is teasing viewers with a video entitled “See the longer term,” with the #PlayStation2013 Twitter hashtag. Regardless of the future is, it’s curiously were given anything to do with Feb. 20, the date talked about in the video. But if it gets here, what’s going to it’s like

PlayStation2013 probably isn’t the actual name
previous rumors have suggested the following PlayStation console won’t be called the PlayStation 4, since the number 4 is linked to dying in Japanese culture. If Sony’s willing to wreck with its numbering scheme because of tradition, it may be unlikely to tag the genuine new PlayStation console itself with the number 13, that’s regarded unlucky in the Country. much more effective hardware
This one’s a given.
Unlike within the PC and tablet gaming world, where hardware is usually updated and upgrades have a tendency to be incremental, video game consoles are likely to wait years to update before leaping ahead — in case you don’t count both smaller redesigns the PS3 has had through the years while keeping a similar performance, anyway, or the introduction of the PlayStation Move controller. The PlayStation 3‘s giant performance draw was its ability to play games on an HDTV, with an improve to graphics realism to check. A document by Kotaku’s Luke Plunkett final year means that the recent PlayStation console are able to play 3D games (on a 3D HDTV, which is) in 1080p resolution, or ordinary games in 4096×2160. The latter would basically require a TV as sharp as Apple’s Retina Display. Far fewer games
an identical report, however, means that — as Sony ultimately did with the PlayStation 3 — the “PlayStation 4″ might be now not in a position to play any games from the former generation of consoles.

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