Fifa 2014 Pc release Date PS4 latest: Possible 13 November release date, new interface video

Although it’d be one other presumptuous misstep by retailers, one Dutch shop is listing the PS4’s release date as Wednesday November 13. A poster promoting this date was spotted on NeoGAF after which flagged up on CVG . As they note, if the November 13 date is proper then it’ll imply the PS4 would release after the discharge of its best franchise titles – including Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. Other news from Sony has included a video trailer detailing its new interface system. The ad indicates how pressing the PlayStation logo within the centre of the console will allow gamers to change in and out of live games to share clips, chat with friends, or obtain new titles. The video (below) also showed that after downloading new games, players can pick between starting with the only player or the multiplayer portion. Content shared by pals may be liked a la Facebook.
More facts have also surfaced regarding PlayStation Plus – Sony’s top rate subscription service for the console. A video from the PlayStation get entry to team ran by known capabilities of the Plus service including the continuation of PS3 memberships over onto the brand new console and additional access to the ICG (the second Games Collection that gives free download of traditional titles). The video from Access confirmed that a free version of Driveclub often is the first digital download title, with this recreation being switched once a month to “ensure an commonplace provide of recent gaming. ” Though as PlayStation Plus is now a demand for multiplayer on-line then we might accept some sort of compensation. But with a year’s membership costing £39. 99 and free downloads including such titles as Uncharted 3, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, XCOM and Demon’s Souls this doesn’t appear to be an unfair deal. [embedded content]

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    Fifa 2014 Release Date

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    18 ratings.  . For the previous few years, people have accused E3 of changing into a reasonably dull affair. corporations show their games, fans support whoever they’re most loyal to, and journalists are forced to provide press conferences stupid record card grades. Rinse and repeat. But now not this year. In over a decade of watching E3 events, I’ve honestly never seen one company fully and thoroughly destroy a competitor like what happened final nighttime between Sony and Microsoft. this is in a position to sound like hyperbole, but what passed off over the process the day will send shockwaves via this whole next console generation. Sony is now simply capable to dominate Microsoft when both the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One launch side by side this year. They weren’t content to merely watch Microsoft stumble, rather this was a concentrated effort to right away humiliate their competition in a sense that’s seldom been seen in the course of this marketplace before. Things in fact all started pretty well for Microsoft. They’d a good press event themselves, no less than for 99% of it where they showed game after game after game so that you can reassure their base that yes, this was indeed the system for the hardcore gamer. No discuss of TV tuning or fantasy sports, and the Kinect wasn’t even mentioned, all items that core fans celebrated, and the games looked great too.

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