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There’s been a softening of attitude towards Skyrim from PS3 owners. Yes, Xbox 360 owners have three a lot of DLC extra than PS3 fans, but Bethesda have been working tough to get DLC out to the PS3, and we now recognize that it’s coming to the PS3 this month on within the variety of Dragonborn. Skyrim for PS3: slow DLC rollout doesn’t make game any less awesome

Despite the dearth of DLC at the PS3, I’ve played for greater than 400 hours on Skyrim, and it has been brilliant, so the added DLC packs, featuring Dragonborn, Dawnguard and Hearthfire are an advantage rather than a need. Skyrim PC has modding capability, but it’s slow to get DLC. The Xbox 360 gets the DLC, but there isn’t any modding. The PS3 owners are worst off, as they’ve got no DLC at all…. for now.
Each platform has a trouble with Skyrim, really, but it is the loss of DLC that’s getting most attention. What’s simple to forget, though, is how nice Skyrim is even without DLC. Of path we still wish DLC for the PS3, and Pete Hines of Bethesda was once really sympathetic to PS3 owners, giving them updates as and when he’s been able. He’s now able of say that Dragonborn may be out early this year. There’s been a lot of hype approximately DLC, too, with promises that experience fallen through, so it has been easy to get angry and frustrated over all of it. not long to attend now, though!

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