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that is glorious news for 360 and PS3 owners, but not such an awful lot for Wii U gamers. It truly is sad news for Wii U owners, but amazing news for Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers. Ubisoft sent out a statement this present day announcing that Rayman Legends goes to decide release on Xbox 360 and PS3 in September alongside the discharge of the Wii U version. You read that correct – the Wii U edition of Rayman Legends have been delayed (again) roughly eight months.
It generally gave the impression strange to us that Rayman Legends was introduced as a Wii U exclusive, taking into account the unique Rayman Origins came to just about every platform imaginable.
We’re undecided if this multi-platform release was always the plan for Ubisoft they repeatedly just kept it hidden from us previously, or in the occasion that they finally got wise and realized the sport would kill at the 360 and PS3 platforms too. Nintendo can’t be too happy about this news. Us Well, we’re ecstatic.
the only other question mark that continues to be is how the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions will handle the Wii U GamePad-specific mechanics built into Legends. When you don’t know, the Wii U version let one player trip wires and build bridges for the remainder of the players to traverse using the GamePad’s touch screen. It was an experience assorted from what everybody using a typical controller was doing. How for you to translate to the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, if it does in any respect, remains a mystery.
We’ll be back with more at the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Rayman Legends after we fully grasp it.
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