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Sony’s PlayStation 4 is an tremendous leap forward for the games industry, according with an Electronic Arts executive. talking yesterday on the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media, and Telecom Conference, EA Chief Technical Officer Rajat Taneja stated that the PlayStation 4 has “8 to ten times the ability” of current-generation consoles, making it a “gigantic leap for the industry.

Polygon, a PlayStation information site, attended the improvement and reported on Taneja’s comments .
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Sony unveiled its PlayStation 4 closing week . The corporate said the console will offer a gaming experience superior to current-generation devices, attributable to its eight-core X86 AMD Jaguar CPU and 1. 84-teraflop AM Radeon graphics engine. The console also will include a Blu-ray drive and 8GB of GDDR5 memory. What was missing from Sony’s presentation, however, was the console itself: it was a no-show. Taneja didn’t discuss the look of the subsequent PlayStation, but lauded its capability to make games greater and developer lives just a little of easier. “We now not would have to constrain our games or ration unique effects, memory or bandwidth,” Taneja reportedly said. “We may be able to permit the games genuinely flourish [in] 1080p, 60 frames a second. ”
Taneja added that things that now takes “months” to increase will only “take days” with the hot console. Sony’s PlayStation 4 is slated to launch within the fall. Sony hasn’t said when it’ll truely exhibit the console, but it’s expected to make an look or later within the following few months. Found here
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