Minecraft Playstation Edition NEWS! PS3, PS4 Updates Equivalent To Xbox 360 (NEW INFO)

Minecraft Playstation Edition NEWS! PS3, PS4 Updates Akin to Xbox 360 (NEW INFO) LIKE IN CASE YOU NOW KNOW WHAT CONSOLE YOU DESIRE! ▻ Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/EcKoxSoldier ▻ Facebook Page: http://on.fb.me/16w7Q9T ────────────…

Minecraft Playstation Edition NEWS! PS3, PS4 Updates Equivalent To Xbox 360 (NEW INFO) 9 out of 10 based on 100 ratings.
  • Onur Aydogan

    Super port go suck a dick

  • Onur Aydogan

    Patrick halo is shit you guys get free online

  • Patrick- Jason

    Why shouldnt we’ve got minecraft. You guys get halo.

  • SuperPoptart16

    No you could fuck off Onur go die in a hole

  • 007dog1

    TBH Nobody cares about your opinions in regards to the consoles since you havn’t played them yet.

  • Topi Kattinen

    You havent met them all

  • Onur Aydogan

    Xbox360 is best than ps3 thats definite buf i feel that ps4 is healthier than xbox one

  • freckles ko

    Ps3 and ps4

  • Rafathebest96

    I’ve noticed that xbox fanboys are all assholes, identical to Microsoft

  • DuhDirtyPretzel

    xbox one is shit, they alter their policies for money and greed when sony ACTUALLY listens to the buyer. fuck off fanboy1

  • DuhDirtyPretzel

    xbox one also has blu ray and halo is a great enough excuse for an exclusive anyway. ya jelly?

  • DuhDirtyPretzel

    oh yeah a gaming console that plays TV? are you stupid or trolling?

  • DuhDirtyPretzel

    they said it will be on the same stage as xbox when it comes out

  • DonAntonio6

    Oh and all you guys should try minecraft on pc i’m a console guy minecraft is the sole pc game i play and minecraft you dont desire a strong computer to run it. There are various more content on pc i promise you.

  • DonAntonio6

    It took me per week to get the fundamentals down in minecraft then i watched paulsoaresjr that was back in 1.2.5 now its 1.6.4 and that i cant anticipate ps4 and ps vita minecraft! Also 1.7 looks badass to this point

  • Kevin Berry

    dude they said its gonna be the similar in case your an xbox fanboy why are you here

  • Nathaniel Gardiner


  • alex nunez


  • Chris Martinez

    Dude Onar, ur hella stupid. U think just cuz we do not have X-Box, we do not deserve the Minecraft? Every person should get to play minecraft it doesn’t matter what they use >:(

  • Harrison dix

    i need ps3 editon

  • Joel Salazar

    Never knew minecraft on vita will be like console version so now it wont be pocket edition it will likely be console version yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Joel Salazar

    ill get it for my vita and convey it every where so its like console minecraft directly to go

  • RodicoHD

    Never go, full retard.

  • Matthew Sweeney

    Chill dudes ps3 and ps4 will alwYs be behind microsoft minecraft xbox is like 13 updates ahead of playstation

  • Darth LoganMC

    Finally It’s comming to PS3 and PS4 :D