PS4 Wins With 15 Minutes of Gameplay; Warframe Unsure of Microsoft Next-Gen Release

The console war between PS4 and Xbox One was very active on the Comic-Con, where both consoles showcased numerous games that were made playable to attendees.

<div 571428571429" pIt was also there that span class="tpk" Microsoft /span revealed another feature of the Xbox One, which was speculated to be something very groundbreaking./p pDubbed as “Project Upload,” the DVR feature was said to record 5 minutes of the gameplay that you’ve./p p”The postulate is you’re always recording. So we’ve got a hoop buffer game DVR, basically. So the last five minutes of any game you’re playing is often being stored locally in your harddrive,” said span class=”tpk” Microsoft /span’s Creative Director Ken Lobb to GameSpot./p pMicrosoft finally put the variety of minutes to the feature, because it was merely omitted during its reveal last May. However it still seemed that PS4 has gotten Xbox One beaten on this aspect, as span class=”tpk” Sony /span’s console had previously announced that its own DVR function could last around quarter-hour./p /divdiv 855050115652″> Despite previous claims of the PS4 only with the ability to record 7 minutes of gameplay, CVG reported that Sony clarified this matter by stating that the official time of recorded gameplay was quarter-hour.

As an added capability, GameSpot reported that, as per Microsoft, gamers can edit the videos inside the sense that they may be able to provide voice-overs and imagine-in-picture via Kinect. The videos can then be directly shared through social networks, another feature that Sony’s PS4 has puffed up on since Day 1.

It seemed that the more features Microsoft revealed about its Xbox One console, the more it’s gearing as much as become a PS4. Whether this will likely showcase to exclusive developers for the Xbox One which the PS4 was just as powerful–or perhaps potentially more–because the Xbox One and provided more exclusive content for the PS4 remained to be seen.

Indie policy restricting Warframe for Xbox One?

Perhaps one area that Microsoft can never beat Sony will be at the playing field of indie games. Because it was first revealed last February, Sony was adamantly pushing for a considerable number of games to feature to the combo with other popular titles.

While initially, Microsoft blatantly stated that indie developers cannot self-publish for the Xbox One unless they discover a third-party publisher or connect to Microsoft for publishing privileges.

Of course, this will likely tick off a considerable number of who’ve been creating a name for themselves as independent publishers. Microsoft  oftened this announcement throughout the May reveal, with the promise that they might be introducing a system that might make it easier for independent publishers to push out titles for a higher-gen console.

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