The PS4 Will Play Old PS3 Games, But Only Streamed From the Cloud

Looks just like the reports that the PS4 won’t be backwards compatible with PS3 games is purely half true. In accordance with the WSJ , you won’t be capable to stick your old discs in, however the PS4 may be capable of stream old PS3 games instead, like a PlayStation-only OnLive.

Sony bought one in every of OnLive’s rivals, Gaikai , last year, which supplies Sony the ability to emulate the games on its servers and stream them for your PS4. For sure, there’s going to be lag — you only can’t avoid it — so I wouldn’t fancy looking to play Call of Duty around the system. Nonetheless, there’s nothing stopping Sony pumping the identical streamed-PS3 games to its tablets and phones too, so perhaps this would grow to be being a tour de force for Sony.

While I’d wish to just be capable to stick my library of PS3 games inside the disc slot and go, if Sony does us a high-quality and allows us to submit the serial number from our existing game discs to get a streaming version, that’d be significantly better than nothing. i’ve a sense that’s unlikely to happen though, and you’ll just must buy them again from the PlayStation store. Otherwise you could just keep your PS3, i assume. Radical thinking, i do know , but it surely just might work. [ WSJ ]

Bonus, here’s another shot of that leaked prototype PS4 joypad.

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