PS4 News Release; Killzone 4 To Be Announced During Feb. 20 ‘See The Future’ Event in NYC

Recent PS4 news release reports that Killzone 4 will launch in 2013 with PS4, in step with Videogamer. The sport must be unveiled as early because the Feb. 20 “See The longer term” event in NYC. Reports suggest that the PS4 release date can also be announced in this day.

Killzone 4 will accompanied by the discharge of PS4. The Killzone series has typically been launched together with Sony’s new gadgets. When PS3 was released in 2006, Killzone 2 was also launched. Killzone 3 came at the side of Sony’s PlayStation Move and 3D capability. Coming soon is Killzone Mercenary with PS Vita. Therefore, it doesn’t appear far-fetched to follow rumors suggesting PS4 and Killzone 4 will launch side by side.

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PS4 release date is predicted to be across the Pre-Christmas shopping season. Reports indicate that the PS4 release date within the US and Japan will certainly be in 2013. However, a statement from Sony on Feb. 20 is anticipated to make clear the proper date the bottom-breaking PS4 is usually expected. Something seems sure to tech experts–the Sony device isn’t cheap. A projected $430 or more is the likely price of the gaming device.

The PS4 release date have been a hot topic for gamers for a couple of year. “Nikkei Business Daily,” a Japanese publication confirms that Sony can be announcing the official release date on Feb. 20. Another major Japanese publication, “The Asahi Shimbun,” claims that PlayStation 4 will opt for 40,000 yen, that is estimated at $430.

“When major Japanese newspapers like Asahi or Nikkei run rumors, they may be usually pretty solid,” blogger Brian Ashcraft wrote for the tech blog Kotaku “Thing is, there is not much here that hasn’t already been leaked before.”

“The cost point doesn’t seem rock solid,” Ashcraft wrote. “Remember how much the unique PS3 cost The 20GB version was US$499, while the 60GB version was $599. Now the Asahi News is saying PS4 will cost over $400. That isn’t only form of vague, but rather obvious!”

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